We do this not only for our own stories, but for the story of Rwanda.

Life at RICA


“The atmosphere at RICA is one of a kind that can accommodate everyone and help them experience their dream life.”


“I never thought the environment was something to be equally recognized as people and animals but after learning the One Health concept, it made me understand that all these aspects depend on each other which is why we should preserve and maintain them.”

Chichi Brave

“I have met wonderful, smart, and collaborative students, especially those ones we live in the same residential house. With different talents and skills, they challenge me in various aspects of life. Whenever I am with them, I always feel like I am home with my family. And sincerely, this has helped a lot in my studies and my life at RICA in general.”

Campus Map

The master plan for the development of RICA’s campus.


Is the campus complete?

By 2022, we will complete the construction of this special campus, which is in a beautiful setting adjacent to Lake Kilimbi in Gashora – Bugesera District. Our campus is being built using state-of-the-art sustainable construction techniques.

Tell me more about the sustainable materials used to build the campus.

Our building construction features rammed earth walls and compressed stabilized earth blocks (CSEBs), using soil from RICA’s 1300 ha landscape. We have our own solar power plant, potable water treatment plant, and wastewater treatment plant, from which clean effluent water is used to irrigate crops on campus. Even our furniture was sourced from a local, woman-owned business that uses only local materials.

Where do the faculty and staff come from, and do they live on campus too?

RICA is a large employer in the Bugesera District. Of our more than 100 faculty and staff, some live here on campus and some commute from elsewhere — we have a shuttle that runs from Kigali daily. Around 85 percent of our employees are Rwandan, the rest hail from other countries in Africa, Europe, and the United States.

We are a family fueled by passion, resilience, and belief.

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