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This world class faculty consists of individuals who are passionate about conservation agriculture and teaching students to be innovators and leaders. They believe in RICA’s teaching philosophy, which celebrates hands-on, experiential learning.

Faculty Directory

Frederick Ayuke, PhD

Conservation Agriculture Thread Coordinator 

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Lisa Berwa

Community Extension Educator

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Ferdinand Bizimana


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Tibebu Belete Chane, PhD

Biology Lecturer

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Duncan Cheruiyot, PhD

Row and Forage Enterprise Lead

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Maria Fausta Dutuze, PhD

One Health Thread Coordinator

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Gasana Quenan Gasabato

Post-Harvest Management Lecturer

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Jean Bosco Hagwirineza

Vegetable and Fruit Enterprise Lead

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Lark Hovey

Curriculum Director and Communications Thread Coordinator

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Crispin Kabeja, PhD

Precision Agriculture Lecturer

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Angelique Kangondo, PhD

Agricultural Economics Lecturer

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Felicitas Esnart Mukumbo, PhD

Poultry and Swine Enterprise Lead

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Celestin Munyaneza, PhD

Dairy Enterprise Lead

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Daniel Wilson Ndyetabula, PhD

Entrepreneurship Thread Coordinator

Valens Niyigena, PhD

Director of Extension

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Dominique Savio Nkunda, PhD

Food Processing Enterprise Lead

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Samuel Nshutiyayesu

Conservation Ecology Lecturer

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Gilbert Nshogoza, PhD

 Agriculture Chemistry Lecturer

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Birasa Nyamulinda, PhD

AgriBusiness Lecturer

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John Bosco Talemwa

Agricultural Mechanization Lecturer

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Ochola Sylvans, PhD

Integrated Pest Management Lecturer

Eva Liliane Ujeneza

Director of Quality Assurance and Mathematics Lecturer

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Jeffrey Layton Ullman, PhD

Mechanization & Irrigation Management Enterprise and Internship Coordinator

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Filius Uwishema

Communications Lecturer

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