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At RICA, we’re preparing students to pursue ideas with the potential to revolutionize Rwanda’s agriculture sector, all while honoring our history and culture. We seek talented young leaders with a passion to be innovators and entrepreneurs.

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Become a part of the RICA family, and part of the innovation moving agriculture forward.


 Live what you’re learning. RICA educates through experience.

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Our community is comprised of brilliant, passionate, and motivated individuals who are looking to make an impact on their communities and world.

“I was not always interested in farming. My passion for agriculture started about a year prior to joining RICA, and ever since I have never felt so proud of being called a farmer. Farming is usually underrated especially among people my age but the experience we gain during our studies and life in general at RICA help you see this sector with a new set of eyes. Being part of RICA made me so proud of being who I am; being a farmer.”


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